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1 euro = 4,9 Lei
1 dolar = 4,8 Lei
Profita de oportunitatea de a lucra alaturi de un expert imobiliar pentru a-ti gasi cele mai bune oferte imobiliare. Ofertele includ apartamente, case, vile, terenuri, spatii comerciale sau industriale si terenuri. Pentru ofertele imobiliare din Bucuresti puteti contacta agentia Landestate. Pentru ofertele imobiliare din judetul Sibiu va recomandam agentia Eurosib Oferte imobiliare din Berghin judetul Alba veti gasi la agentia Ionel Imobiliare. Apartamente de vanzare in Alba Iulia.

Zapp - 1000 abonamente gratuite pentru 500 de cupluri

Cuplurile care spun DA in fata ofiterului starii civile la 1 noiembrie 2008 , primesc din partea acestuia un voucher oferit de Zapp. Pentru a beneficia de cadou tinerii trebuie sa prezinte voucher-ul iinsotit de certificatul de casatorie in termen de zece zile , fiecare cuplu primind gratuit doua abonamente , Zapp Unic 4 si Zapp Unic 6, pe un an . La cel mai mic tarif de pe piata pentru apelurile efectuate in orice retea nationala la indiferent de ora , 0,084 euro plus TVA utilizatorii de Zapp Unic beneficiaza de pana la 60 de minute nationale incluse, minute in reteaua Zapp si pana la 500 de sms-uri in retea . Actiunea va fi desfasurata concomitent in 6 din cele mai importante orase din tara, Bucuresti, Brasov, Cluj , Constanta , Iasi si Timisoara .

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30 Octombrie 2008

Comentarii - Ziarul Imobiliar nu este responsabil juridic pentru continutul textelor de mai jos


I suppose this is why the sterllor comes with a transparent plastic weather shield which entirely incases the child. It rests on the sterllor cover and attaches to the handles and base of the sterllor by means of velcro strips. Two things to note about this weather shield. (Let's assume that your child is comfortable with being incased in a plastic bubble.) The velcro straps are miniscule. The velcro patches with which you secure the shield to the handlebars are literally the size of a fingernail. I consistently have trouble getting these things to hold together so that sometimes the weather shield sits loosely on top of the sterllor and shifts in the wind. The velcro straps that you use to secure it to the base of the sterllor are much bigger, but this, as it happens, is no help. These straps come undone almost every time and are easily loosened by your child's feet. While the sterllor cover is a useless ornament, the weather shield was always aggravating. And, because of the child's upright position, unless you take the time to attach the weather shield, the entire length of your child's body will be exposed to wind (not to mention dust and debri). Lastly, you can purchase a winter cozy to go inside the Quinny Zapp, but Quinny does not make one specifically for this sterllor, so you'll have to buy one that requires you to fidget with the straps to get it in just right. Travel: This sterllor does fold down into a medium-sized shoulder bag, and this is indeed convenient. But folding it down takes some effort. Even my best experiences with this required a kick to jar the legs loose. Apparently, they are supposed to pull free. This never happened. And you're kicking a hard piece of plastic, which isn't easy on your foot. (Seriously, if you plan to travel a lot throwing this in the trunk or backseat, gate-checking it before a flight, or taking it on a train you're going to be breaking it down every time.) Also, the brakelines, as you can see in the picture, extend out from the sterllor. A brakeline was clipped even though it was packed in the shoulder bag during our very first flight. (The brake didn't work after this.) During the time in which the brakes worked properly, it still took quite a stomp to turn the brakes on and off. Daily use: Part of breaking the sterllor down into the shoulder bag involves taking the front wheels off. After a few weeks of owning this sterllor we had a problem with one of the wheels falling off at unexpected times: like while on a sidewalk or even while crossing the street. This eventually went away, as I learned to be especially firm when snapping the wheels back on. A few months later one of the wheels began to lock up. This has not changed in the years that I've owned it and after repeatedly trying to fix it. We've simply learned to live with it. But this can be dangerous. In addition to the inconvenience of locking up on a regular basis and jolting to a halt, I narrowly avoided falling over the front of the sterllor as it locked up unexpectedly while holding my child. Even if I had not had problems with the brake or with the wheels, the sterllor cover and weather shield are enough for me to recommend that you not buy this sterllor. Of course, if you don't have inclement weather where you live or do not need sun protection, then this will not count against it.


escapesc / All of our walk on customers are first come, first serve. We run games beetwen 24-26 players per game so there is a good chance you can all play in the same game. If you are thinking about playing more than one game for a large group, we suggest you call and make a reservation to ensure your group plays together and to save money.

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